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Tech Transformation with CGT and RIS News explores the tech trends and innovation shaping the retail and consumer goods industries.

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5 days ago

In this episode of Tech Transformation, we’re getting back to basics (in a way). We’re talking about data-driven customer service with Steve Sigrist of Newell Brands and Justin Honaman of Amazon. We’re digging into some of the biggest consumer behavior changes that are impacting customer service operations today, and we’re talking about some of the technologies that are most important to brands and retailers to meet these new needs.  Listen to learn:  •The biggest consumer behavior shifts having an impact on Newell Brands and other consumer goods companies •How brands and retailer are adapting to meet these new needs •Some of today’s biggest pain points •How brands are using 20/20 hindsight to prepare for tomorrow's consumer on behalf of their retail partners

Wednesday Sep 07, 2022

In this episode of Tech Transformation, we’re digging into some trade secrets with Scott Saeger, SVP and CIO of retailer GNC. Saeger shares why GNC recently teamed with Amazon for same-day delivery and how that kind of decision can impact a retailer’s IT operations and infrastructure. He also talks about some of the new ways they’re using their mobile app to drive sales, and where they stand when it comes to their hybrid data strategy.  Listen to learn:  •Some of the recent consumer behavior changes that are proving to be sticky for GNC•What this has meant from an IT perspective•Details about GNC’s expanded partnership with Amazon •Insight into how GNC views the potential of machine learning for demand forecasting •Some of the biggest obstacles for GNC and some of the most promising things in its future•What more people should know about being a retail CIO and some of the biggest misconceptions about the role

Wednesday Aug 24, 2022

In this episode of Tech Transformation, we’re taking a look at the current state of the retail and CPG supply chain. Tom Madrecki, VP of supply chain at the Consumer Brands Association, sits down with Lisa Johnston, editor-in-chief of CGT, to talk about what’s happening and what’s ahead.  Listen to learn:  •What's causing the most pain today•How brands are navigating these obstacles to keep products on shelves•Technologies proving to be successful in alleviating challenges•An outlook for this year and next•What retailers should know when it comes to CPGs and supply chain obstacles 

Wednesday Aug 10, 2022

When the pandemic started, there were a lot of bored kids at home, so what did a lot of bored parents do? They bought them Legos! In this episode of Tech Transformation, we’re digging into how The Lego Group kept its tech teams flexible and aligned during a period of massive disruption. We’re also digging into the power of low code and what it means for the future.

Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

We’re once again on the road, recording from Analytics Unite, the three-day summit that gathered today’s leading minds in retail and consumer goods analytics. In our last episode, we talked with John Bertrand, VP and CIO of Kreg Tool Company, about investing in people and technology to prepare for the consumer of tomorrow.   In this episode, we sit down with Ash Mehra, most recently chief digital and information officer of Packable, and also previously CDIO of North America at Mondelez International. We discuss:   •Where the most work is needed to break down internal silos to advance digital transformation •Where we do see progress being made •What the consumer goods workplace of the future might look like •The table stakes when it comes to recruiting and retaining today's top tech/IT talent •Where companies should invest in their IT infrastructure in order to meet current and future consumer needs •Why Ash gives new meaning to the term “streak”

Wednesday Jul 13, 2022

We’re going on the road for this episode of Tech Transformation. We’re talking with John Bertrand, CIO of Kreg Tool Company, about where they’re investing to prepare for the consumer of tomorrow and how they’re retaining top tech talent to do so.  We’re recording from Analytics Unite, the three-day live summit that gathered today’s leading minds in retail and consumer goods analytics. We’re talking about what makes Kreg Tool's new global headquarters so important for them, the consumer-facing technologies they’re betting on, and what's so great about fostering a mindset of Individual Awesomeness.  Listen to learn:  •How Kreg Tool Company is working to break down internal silos to advance its digital transformation initiatives•What the consumer goods workplace of the future could look like •The table stakes when it comes to recruiting and retaining top tech/IT talent•How Kreg Tool is investing in its IT infrastructure in order to meet the needs of consumers today and in the future

Wednesday Jun 29, 2022

On this episode of Tech Transformation, we’re talking about getting the right fit, the right recommendation, and – most importantly – the right returns process. We’re talking with Nadia Boujarwah, Co-Founder and CEO of Dia & Co, an inclusive apparel retailer that considers itself just as much of a tech company as it does a retailer. We dig into AI, Gen Z, and virtual try-on tech, and we get details on Dia’s TikTok strategy.  Listen to learn:  •The future of sizing and try-on technology•How Dia & Co has rethought returns to encourage the process•Learnings from engaging with and selling to Gen Z •Advice for brands and retailers on being more inclusive •Why Dia & Co recently acquired 11 Honoré 

Wednesday Jun 15, 2022

When you’re one of the largest CPGs in the world, understanding consumers has become more important than ever. For Kellog’s, this means leaning into such technologies as artificial intelligence and machine learning, and connecting the dots between their data across all channels.  In this episode of Tech Transformation, CGT Senior Editor Lisa Johnston talks with Charisse Hughes, SVP and Chief Brand and Advanced Analytics Officer, and Lesley Salmon, SVP and CIO of Kellogg Company, about what they’re seeing when it comes to today’s consumer behavior changes and how they’re using data and technology to prepare for the consumer of tomorrow.  Listen to learn:  •How Kellogg’s is preparing for the consumer of 2035•What personalization means to Kellogg’s and how it prevents it from becoming a buzzword•How it's experimenting with DTC•Where it sees the future of CPG commerce •Where it’s using artificial intelligence and machine learning•The consumer data that’s important to Kellogg’s 

Wednesday Jun 01, 2022

Over 95% of Ulta Beauty's sales come from members of its loyalty program, so is it any wonder they’re hyper-focused on taking their game to the next level when it comes to personalization technology?  In this episode of Tech Transformation, we’re talking with Kelly Mahoney, Ulta Beauty’s VP of customer marketing, about how they’re standing out in a sea of loyalty programs. We’re joined by Richard Widdowson of SAS to share how retailers are using data and analytics to make these decisions about consumer experiences more quickly than ever.  Listen to learn:  •How Ulta Beauty’s Glam Lab virtual beauty tool is paying off•How its mobile experiences and technology are supporting consumer experiences and in-store associates•How the value of the store experience differs by generation, especially with Gen Z•How data and analytics are helping retailers react to consumer trends more quickly

Wednesday May 18, 2022

We’re talking with Nicole Nelson, most recently SVP of decision science, data science, and applied machine learning at Best Buy, about lessons for successful transformations, including running through a list of lessons. We’re also giving a sneak preview of Analytics Unite 2022, held June 21-23 in Chicago (   Listen to learn:  •How technology and analytics transformation are different yet one in the same •How technology and data science teams can work together for successful transformations •What a sideliner is, how to know one when you see one, and how they can advance your mission •Why having shared goals is so important (yet often so challenging) •How to identify your blind spots and help your team identify their own – and then how to move past them  •A sneak preview of Nelsons’ Analytics Unite keynote 

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